Couple Games of DeGeneration!

Filed under TRAM Design, Video Games by on August 10th, 2012

I was thinking of bringing the ol’ 2004 DeGeneration back to life for a couple days by having my clan, The Honor Squad, jump on and have some fun. If you’re out there, please join us! :) You can find more information here:

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What’s up??

by on February 27th, 2011| 1 comment

It’s been a long time since I posted anything here and for that I apologize. I also apologize for the various errors on the site. I’ll get to those eventually too. They are mostly related to the forum integration. I guess it’s due to me simply not having any time to bother with game design. […]

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I Bought Wolfy

by on November 1st, 2009| 2 comments

I eventually broke down and bought Wolfenstein after the price went down. It’s ok. I haven’t finished it yet, but I did make a post in the forums about what I saw so far. I’m curious if someone else agrees with my comments. Here’s some points I brought up. hit boxes. why are the hit […]

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Is Wolfenstein tanking?

by on August 30th, 2009| 0 comments

I noticed that the price of Wolfenstein went from the original list price of $49.99 down to $35.49 and on top of that, Amazon is shipping it for FREE. Wolfenstein @ Amazon That can’t be good news for the game. I picked it up so I guess I’ll find out soon if I wasted […]

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Wolf Release, Team Axed, Patch Already Out

Well, I haven’t gotten the game yet and I haven’t read the reviews, but I’m unsure I get a warm fuzzy feeling about it. I’ll pick it up of course, but I’m a bit engrosed in Prototype ATM so I don’t want to ruin my interest in that. Check out the related news. Have you […]

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Testing Twitter integration fr…

Testing Twitter integration from twitter

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Twitter Integration

I’m posting this for a test to see if the Twitter integration I just enabled will work properly. Here we go! :)

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