I Bought Wolfy

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I eventually broke down and bought Wolfenstein after the price went down. It’s ok. I haven’t finished it yet, but I did make a post in the forums about what I saw so far. I’m curious if someone else agrees with my comments. Here’s some points I brought up.

  • hit boxes. why are the hit boxes on the enemies so poor? I can shoot someone’s arm as it hangs around the corner and it acts like I never shot it.
  • am I using veil or mirk? it’s very hard to tell what special power you’re using or if you’re using more than one power at the same time
  • if I have to hear “that’s the spy!” one more time I think I’ll go nuts. the game needs more voiceovers or that one is just annoying
  • intelligence is useless. I never read it. They didn’t make it necessary to the game and therefor it doesn’t factor in
  • the BJ reports at the ends of levels are fairly annoying. why do I need to listen to a representation of myself tell me about what I just did. I know what I did!
  • running in the game makes me feel like tossing my cookies
  • the game feels a bit cheesy and it’s not immersive so far
  • the rpg like multiple objective setup doesn’t seem to be appealing to me
  • those enemies that are invisible, show themselves and kill you in two swipes are silly. It’s very difficult to see them for one, but they are far too powerful compared to the other enemies I’ve encountered
  • I originally thought buying weapon upgrades would suck, but I kinda like it actually.
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2 Responses to “I Bought Wolfy”

  1. TomazPovsin Says:

    Hi! I’m new here and I thought of dropping a few lines here since it seems noone else does… I haven’t actually played the new Wolfenstein yet and frankly (also judging from the reviews), i don’t think I even want too. The thing is that I’m mad as hell at ID Software and Activision acting as “golddiggers”; that means taking a great & legendary game franchise and then using it as an excuse to sell a new product. Wolfenstein 3D already has it’s rightful place in history; RTCW and ET found their place right alongside it. The most noticable tribute to the latter two is, that there are still (after 8 years) a lot of active RTCW and ET servers running and many are full of people every day, while Wolfenstein’s multiplayer is (reportedly) operating poorly despite the game being only a few months old…

    Bottom line: legendary games should be left in peace instead of being remade for profit, IMO.

    P.S.: let us know your final conclusion, when you finish it ;) Bye

  2. Paul "Tunnleram" Ille Says:

    Honest? I haven’t even finished the game. There was a small period where I felt like I enjoyed the game, but it quickly faded so I never went back.

    I tried the multiplayer and I thought it felt extremely weak, cheesy and truthfully boring.

    I happen to agree with your point. In fact I’ll take it one step further. I think there are a lot of game design companies out there that are ‘gold diggers’. I mean, how many times will EA release a sequel without any true meaningful advances.

    IMO, this Wolfenstein title is the same as the last Quake. That was another game I didn’t complete because it bored me.

    With all my bashing I guess I should commend someone – right now I’m playing Modern Warfare 2 a lot. I think they’ve done an amazing job. Nice going Infinity Ward.

    ID/Activision/Raven – seriously, cmon. Make something that makes me interested in game design again or at the very least – playing. I want to be inspired by you guys like I used to be. We all do.

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